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Untitled-Susie Love
_The Radium at Dawn_ painting
_The Hockey Players_ painting
D at the AGO-Susie Love
Ongiara-Susie Love
Queen Car-Susie Love
Summer On the Island-Susie Love
Sunset From Union-Susie Love
Bridge Over Calm Waters-Susie Love
Water Tower-Susie Love
Under the Gardner-Susie Love
Flowers in Kensington-Susie Love
Saturday Ride to the Brickworks-Susie Lo
Rain Day-Susie Love
Summer-Susie Love
The Rainy Day Duck-Susie Love
Inukshuk on the Water-Susie Love
Riverdale Farm-Susie Love
Joanna's Backyard-Susie Love
View From Ward's- Susie Love
The Girl at Keating Channel- Susie Love.
_The Cement Silos along Cherry St_ paint
_Rainy Day in Little Italy_ painting
_Raining in Chinatown_ painting
_Porter_ painting
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