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Susie Love

Susie Love was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Primarily self-directed, Susie is dedicated to her craft; living, breathing, studying, practicing and teaching art.  Loving both en Plein air and studio work, her prime objective is a pleasing image.


With Love's landscapes, she is aiming to capture a moment, a mood, a feeling. Painting outside is a meditation.  Love savours every moment, whether alone or in a group of like-minded souls.


When painting pets, Susie looks to express the depth and soul of the animal. Being an avid animal lover herself, this is not hard. 

When painting abstractly, it is about colour, shape, rhythm, and design, simply for their own sake. 

Whatever the subject of the day, Love aims to spark joy for herself, the viewer, the pet owner, and when teaching, most definitely her students. 

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